welcome to the bouvier club of south africa

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The Bouvier des Flandres Club Golden Reef is a proud 53 years old (affiliated 16 June 1965) and is the only Bouvier breed club in South Africa. We are a Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA) affiliated club and their rules do not allow us to claim national status in our name. 


Bouviers fall into the herding category and are originally cattle herding dogs from Belgium. Although large and shaggy, they are loving and affectionate family dogs with a steady and calm temperament. They combine this with being effective guard dogs. Bouviers should always be carefully socialised and trained in order to allow their true temperament to prevail. 


The first Bouvier was registered in South Africa in 1951, imported from The Netherlands. In the past over 100 Bouvier puppies were registered with KUSA each year but that number has declined in recent times. Bouviers in South Africa may not have their ears cropped, and tails are no longer usually docked. Bouviers are sometimes mistaken for Giant Schnauzers even though they are in fact not related at all.