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About us


The Bouvier des Flandres Club Golden Reef is based in Gauteng but has members all over South Africa and even some from beyond our borders.  The Club was founded in 1965 by Tony Harrewijn and Des Kloeck. Birgitta van Lierop and Dereck Cerronio organized the Qualifying Show in 1975 with over 80 dogs judged by Alan Ventress and the Club held its first Championship Show in 1976, when 76 Bouviers competed under Capt. Adams. Championship shows were held each year until 2011 when, due to dwindling entries, we lost our Championship show holding status and since 2012 only a non-Championship show has been held (the requirements for this type of show in terms of KUSA regulations are less onerous for the Club in that non-registered Bouviers may also participate which widens the opportunities for more of our members to join in). We would love to be able to reinstate our Championship shows because they are the “show-case” for potential contributors to South Africa’s KUSA registered breeding stock.

In addition, the Club has held IPO competitions in the recent past but like many other dog clubs affiliated to KUSA, it may not do so at present pending resolution of a dispute between bodies governing the sport.

The objectives of the club are :


  1. To promote, encourage, foster and advance the breeding, well-being of and interest in the Bouvier des Flandres breed of dog;
  2. To maintain observance of and adherence to the breed standard of the Bouvier des Flandres breed of dog as adopted from time to time by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa;
  3. To organize and hold shows, match meetings, competitions in breed, obedience, working trials and other dog activities, including training for such activities;
  4. To promote goodwill among all people interested in pure bred pedigree dogs.
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