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Pets As Therapy organises therapeutic visits by pet owners who volunteer to take their pets (mainly dogs) to visit people in hospitals, hospices, retirement homes, frail care facilities, special needs schools residential centres, and a variety of other venues. PAT visits bring company, support, comfort, pleasure, stress relief and stimulation to those living either permanently or temporarily in these and other establishments.  See their website 


Several Bouviers so far have been successful therapy dogs.  One of them, DOS was owned by Fabienne Frauendorf. On the PAT website is the following memorial to Dos


I remember the day very clearly, when I met Dos for the first time. He was the first Bouvier I had come into close contact with and I was eager to find out what his temperament would be like. He was a lovely big boy with soft gentle eyes and a willingness to please, and I picked this up immediately.

Fabienne and I chatted briefly before the assessments for the Paws for People Therapy dogs began, and she mentioned that Dos could make a noise, and that his downs were not too great, and we then began the assessment of Dos the Bouvier.

Fabienne was one hundred percent correct; Dos could indeed make a noise and whoops! his downs were really not fantastic but on the skills and aptitude test he was just so rock solid that he deserved a chance; so began the career of Dos the Therapy Dog.

Dos was this big gentle giant that could always be counted on to give his best to young and old alike, and he never disappointed us. To say that we were all devastated when Fabienne gave us the news of his illness (cancer) was an understatement. He was a young dog and surely there had been a mistake in the diagnosis, but this was not the case.

He bore his illness with quiet dignity, and despite the fact that we knew he was desperately ill, his first priority was still his willingness to please. Fabienne told the children that we visit that he was going to ‘ retire ‘ because he was tired, which they very reluctantly accepted, as she couldn’t bear to tell them the harsh truth. Dos would have wanted it this way.

His death just a few weeks later has been very hard for everyone in the P.F.P unit to accept, and it is a huge loss for the unit as a whole. Dogs of the calibre of Dos are few and far between, and we miss him already.

We are all very blessed to have shared in the life of Dos the Bouvier Therapy Dog

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